Lady Gaga Unveils Polaroid Sunglasses That Double as a Camera: will this help Polaroid recover?

Lady Gaga pop star, fashion icon, provocateur and now creative director at Polaroid. Are they geniuses or just crazy? Using the mega star as a creative director, but also the image of Polaroid, could usher in a new era for the dwindling company. If nothing else Lady Gaga could just buy the company outright. This isn’t her first collaboration with a technology company as we have seen with her Heart Beat Headphones from monster.

Quote: “As part of a new suite of products called Grey Label, Gaga and Polaroid unveiled a digital camera with a throwback design and, most impressively, a set of camera sunglasses with two embedded 1.5″ LCD displays. The glasses (pictured) act as a wearable camera, and can snap pictures, be pre-loaded with slideshows and video, and are meant to enable real-time photo sharing.”

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