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16 Apr 2015

The fix for color blindness and the reaction is amazing

25 Feb 2015

Ever wonder what a first person view from a quadcopter going high speed through a forest would be like?

25 Feb 2015

Japanese robot feeds you tomatoes while you run

18 Feb 2015

Sony SmartEyeglass Augmented Reality Headset now available to developers

26 Jan 2015

Image if you could transport your self into the movie – Oculus Just did it

This will be a whole new way to experience
22 Jan 2015

Hololens – See how Microsoft will change the way we use computers

Microsoft is at a point at which they are
17 Jan 2015

Have you ever wanted a Mech Suite well now you can

They have them on sale here at Amazon Japan 
16 Jan 2015

These Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures will blow your mind

See this instructable to make your own
3 Jan 2015

Real time face projection mapping

Another more complex version of augmenting a human face.
31 Dec 2014

Analog controls for your digital music

11 Dec 2014

A tablet on your skin! See how they did it

5 Dec 2014

Future of 3D image created using Ultrasound with touch

14 Nov 2014

Next generation in Polaroid Cameras