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16 Feb 2015

Trailer WORLD OF TOMORROW by Don Hertzfeldt

If you liked Don Hertzfeldt’s Regected you are going jump
25 Dec 2014

Attack of the Spider Dress

21 Oct 2014

Let The Music Do The Talking – ad spoken in song verse

This video is just shot perfectly. Great transitions and
14 Oct 2014

If you want some crazy dreams watch this

  Fever The Ghost – SOURCE
29 Aug 2014

The Connction a French gangster movie that will give you goose bumps

29 May 2014

See how one man draws on reality

19 Apr 2014

Batman vs Terminator

12 Apr 2014

How to Make an Indoor Cloud

The art of Berndnaut Smilde Smilde creates a cloud
9 Apr 2014

Too Much Noise in Advertising?

This artist decided to do something about those noisy
9 Apr 2014

Essays On Reality

Amazing caricature as they put it in the description,
27 Mar 2014

Wes Anderson’s Prada Ad

Absolutely everything that Wes Anderson makes is amazing and
6 Mar 2014

Playing Wood – YEARS

A cross section of an old tree is played
13 Feb 2014


An incredible door that serves the purpose of covering